Due to varying client requirements, the cost of all web sites are evaluated on an individual basis.

Please feel free to e-mail me at linda@waterwispwebcreations.com with your requirements and I will supply you with a quote. The cost will include hand coded pages individually designed to the client's specifications.

All photographs are tastefully framed with the graphics optimised or spliced for faster download.

Backgrounds, picture frames, animated text, dividers for guestbook, bullets for links page, entrance graphics and all other graphics are individually hand made.

The design and set up of a guestbook is included in the price. Webring html code added to Links Page if required. Meta Tags added to Home Page and the site will be submitted to several search engines.

I can host your domain for a nominal cost, please e-mail me at: linda@waterwispwebcreations.com for details.

Waterwisp Web Creations will maintain the website for as long as the client wishes.

Payment to be made prior to site being uploaded to host.

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